Learning Forex: Long Term Trading and Short Term Trading. Which one do you choose?

Learn forex article will discuss about the style of trading, short term or long term. Among the long-term trading (long term trading) and short-term trading (short term trading), which is better? In general, traders prefer to trade on a daily basis (short term trading) to pick up a few pips profit targets and make trades several times in one day. However, the difficulty is trying to be able to consistently reach your desired profit. Patience to be able to take a 20-30 pips every day and repeat it constantly, will bore you. And finally made a mistake that led to a large floating loss.

Actually, if you can consistently do it - that is by determining your daily target profit - then you will be able to control how your trading and your profit of course. If there is a trend that is long (long term), but the role in a short period of time (short term) is indeed often makes you feel uncertain as to whether this is really dependable. And you never know when a trend will reverse direction, it is certainly very risky because it would threaten the profit you have accumulated. Therefore, very few traders who play for the long term, this may be one cause.

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